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Private Events & Experiences

Heather Law of Law Artistry 

Fine Art Inspired by Trash

Through engaging classes, workshops,
and events, we inspire our community to express themselves artistically, fostering joy and connection. All levels welcomed.


Heather is an adjunct professor at Mendocino College, a studio production artist and small business owner in Ukiah, CA.

Art that creates a deeper awareness of the environmental impact of our actions and inspire a shift towards more sustainable living.

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Workshops: Molds & Sustainability

Past Work & Residencies

Law Artistry STUDIO & More

Hands-on workshops that delve into innovative mold-making techniques
and environmentally-conscious studio practices.

Past art exhibitions that showcase her body of work, as well as enriching experiences at international art residencies.

Stay tuned for the latest happenings, thought-provoking exhibitions, and cutting-edge artistic explorations at
Law Artistry STUDIO. 

COMMISSIONS WELCOME- Creating Impactful Ceramic Art that Champions Sustainability

We specialize in crafting ceramic art installations that resonate with the urgent need for environmental sustainability. Our art is perfect for homes, hotels, and commercial spaces, combining unique design with a powerful message about consumerism and waste.


We are excited to collaborate with you to bring your vision to life while championing a sustainable future. Contact us to discuss your ideas. Let’s create something extraordinary and impactful together.

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By appointment only
275 Kunzler Ranch Road, Suite P, Ukiah, CA

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